Teaching Your Daughter Puberty


Before she even hits puberty, your daughter may slowly start to show interest in her body. It’s important to encourage a conversation with her to find out what she knows and has heard to gauge on what to tell her.

To help your daughter feel confident in talking about her body, here are some of the best things you should teach your daughter about herself and her body:

Prepare your daughter for change. It’s important to prepare your daughter for the many changes ahead of her. Talk to her about her upcoming menstruation and the changes her body will be going through which will help your daughter feel less embarrassed or ashamed of herself.

Bodies come in many different sizes. Focus on the health of your daughter when discussing her body rather than her physical appearance and weight. It’s important to remember that if a close parent obsesses over their body or their child’s body, they will develop the same obsession.

Try new things and be active. The body is wonderful for many different things: running, playing sports, laughing, thinking learning and so much more. Rather than obsessing over your daughter’s weight, encourage her to make new friends and to be active. That alone will help her to feel good about herself.

Teach her to respect her privacy. It’s important to be an example to your daughter and to teach her the meaning of respect and being private. This extends to the virtual world and beyond, because once something is posed online, it’s there for everyone to see. If you have social media, join your child and know who she’s interacting with.

Be kind and respect others. While we teach our daughter to be positive about herself and her body, it’s important to explain the importance of seeing others for who they are. Everyone is different, which means teaching your daughter to accept the uniqueness of others is very important.

Take good care of your body. Our body needs to be taken care of from our head all the way down to our toes. Encourage your daughter to adopt healthy eating habits, maintain personal hygiene, get at least eight hours of sleep each night, and to be active. The way we take care of ourselves reflects how we’ll treat others. Limit the amount of sugar your child consumes because white sugar is one of the worst things she can eat.

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