4 Tips To Develop Your Child’s Listening Skills

comprehension skills

Many parents believe that listening is a skill that requires little to no effort. Parents often overlook the skill and never take the time to teach it to their own children. Here are the four problems children face in learning comprehension skills, and how you can help your child overcome them.

The Repeating of words and phrases

In a standard way of learning, children are unable to get words repeated to them even though they may need that. Typically, each passage that is read it’s designed to assess your child’s ability. A lot of the time, children need specific words or phrases repeated so they can better understand them. It’s hard for a teacher to decide whether or not a specific student has understood a section of what they learned or not. It’s also hard for a teacher to judge whether or not one of their students have understood something particular or not.

Giving them contextual knowledge

Sharing mutual knowledge tends to make communication with a child a lot easier. If your child has a problem with listening to begin with, they may have a difficult time understanding the purpose of a specific passage even if they grasp the superficial meaning of it. It’s important to use appropriate and relevant materials for listening practice for any young beginner.

The need to know each and every word

Kids have a need to understand each and every word they come across so they can move forward in the future. A lot of these children feel that if they don’t understand words they come across right away, they will have a hard time understanding them in the future. These are the same kids that may jump through a hurdle when it comes to their listening comprehension skills. A lot of the times kids will get discouraged when it comes to a word they don’t know and abandon the entire passage.

A limited vocabulary

When it comes to educators and your children, these children definitely need to pay attention when giving out listening comprehension exercises. A lot of the times teachers will give these lists of words out and the children will be so focused that they will miss the next part of the listening material the teacher gives out. When practicing with your child, give them enough time when practicing the meaning of new words.