5 Controversial Parenting Methods


From the day you start letting people know your pregnant, everyone seems to begin to give you parenting advice. Whether you’re discussing sleeping techniques or what to feed your child, parents always seem to have an opinion. In fact, they can become quite passionate about the practices used to raise their children. It doesn’t matter if you are for or against these controversial methods; just bring one of them up and you’re sure to get an ear full.

1. The Ferber Method
Most commonly referred to as the “Cry It Out” method advises parents to leave their child alone without going in to comfort them at night. The idea being the child needs to learn to fall back to sleep on their own, and being fed, rocked, etc. will not allow the child to do that.

2. Co-Sleeping
Another hot topic, co-sleeping involves sleeping in the same bed as your baby. Although co-sleeping does increase the breastfeeding rate, it also increases the risk of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome). Many studies have backed co-sleeping. However, recommend methods where you do not share a bed; for example, having your child in a bedside bassinet.

3. Spanking
Although spanking may be one of the most commonly used forms of discipline, it is also one of the most controversial. At the core of this dispute is the issue of the child’s well-being, on whether or not spanking will do psychological or emotional damage to the child.

4. Free Range Parenting
This new age parenting approach provides more of a hands-off form of parenting. The idea of Free Range Parenting is to step back and allow your child to do more on their own, giving them the freedom and the responsibilities that come along with their decisions.

5. Breastfeeding in Public
From restaurants kicking out patrons to complimentary meals to moms, every year public breastfeeding makes headlines. From wherever to whenever, breastfeeding always seems to be on the forefront of controversial parenting topics.