All About The Measles


What Is The Measles?
The measles is a contagious and could be life-threatening, also known as the paramyxovirus. A child who contracts this virus, will get it from being sneezed or coughed on by tiny droplets containing the virus that sprays into the air. These droplets are known to stay active for two hours. If a child comes in contact by breathing them in, they will become infected, and will stay contagious for four days before and four days after developing the rash. If your child isn’t immunized against the virus, hasn’t already had the disease, they have a 90% chance of becoming infected.

Ways To Prevent Measles?
Doctors recommend waiting to give MMR vaccine until a year old because the immune system needs to be strong enough to initiate a strong reaction against the vaccine. While the antibodies from a mother’s womb gives some protection, a vaccine leaves only a 5 percent chance to contract the measles.

Are The Measles In The U.S?
Unfortunately, the measles is still around and is an extremely contagious and can possibly be fatal for some. In the United States, the measles has had a multi-state outbreak, and has been thought to have developed first at Disneyland in California. Since then, 154 people in 17 different states and in the District of Columbia were reported and found to have the measles. Luckily, there has been no deaths linked to any of these outbreaks as of February 23, 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control.

What Are The Symptoms?
If your child develops symptoms of the measles, which include a fever, runny nose and a cough, along with red eyes, you’ll want to contact their doctor right away. If the doctor has confirmed your child has contracted the measles, they are required to notify the health department to avoid the spread of this disease.

What If My Child Has The Measles?
You will first want to make sure your child gets plenty of rest, and stays well hydrated with water and juice. It’s also a good idea to incorporate acetaminophen to keep their temperature down. If your child hasn’t been immunized with the virus, your doctor may suggest your child to an immune globulin injection, which will help the prevention of measles and help to lessen symptoms of this contagious disease.