How To Spot A Gifted Child

how to spot a gifted child

One would think it would be pretty apparent to ones eye to spot a gifted child. Sometimes, it can be the fact that these children stand out from other children, and they aren’t like the rest. However, some parents may question whether or not their child is gifted, but they don’t question the fact their child is smart.

In spite of what most parents think, not all parents believe their child is gifted, even if they are gifted. Parents of gifted children tend to be unsure and reluctant to think their child gifted. It often takes a child’s IQ test scores given to these parents before believing their child is gifted.

The more a person is educated about the concept of giftedness, the easier it will be to recognize signs of a gifted child. When a parent notices their child portray early signs of reading, excellent memories, or relating extremely well to adults, they automatically assume their child is gifted. However, even though these are wonderful traits, this doesn’t mean a child is gifted. 

early childhood development

Early Developmental Milestones
Studies have shown that giftedness runs in families, and does indicate it to be common among extended family members. It’s good to look at early life developmental milestones, but it’s also good to look at what’s considered advanced development. 

super sensitive child

Super Sensitivities
A parent will often see their gifted child have one of more “super-sensitivities” These children tend to be bothered by weird things, such as seams on socks, and have excess energy and be in motion consistently. This doesn’t mean that all gifted children portray these qualities. 

gifted child

The Many Views Of The Term “Gifted”
Many people have a hard time understanding whether a child is gifted or not, due to the many conflicting definitions we have. Not everyone using the term “gifted” is referring to the same set of qualities. Understanding the true meaning will help a parent truly decipher if their child is gifted or not. 

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IQ Testing
When a parent determines whether or not their child is gifted, but not testing them before the age of five and no later than nine years of age. Getting a child tested will help give peace to parents who may have constant doubts of their children’s abilities. Testing a child is only necessary when advocating for a more appropriate education than what a child is getting.