Food To Avoid During Your Pregnancy

Food To Avoid During Your Pregnancy

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Did you know that your little baby-to-be growing inside of you can be affected by the things you eat? There could be potential bacteria in some of your favorite food you eat regularly. When you’re expecting, there’s certain ingredients you’ll want to limit and some food to avoid and steer clear away from.


Hot Dogs And Deli Meat

That delicious sub that you’ve been craving with extra meat might be tempting your pregnancy appetite, but it’s not the best option as mommy-to-be. Any food that have preservatives, nitrites, or nitrates are food to avoid during pregnancy. Besides the loaded preservatives, these food fun the risk of containing the bacterium, Listeria, which could get into both your bloodstream and your baby’s.


Alcoholic Drinks

You’ll want to break out all carbonated-fruit filled beverages for the next nine months. Alcohol enters a baby’s bloodstream the same way it enters yours, and with the same amount of concentration. Whatever you intake, your baby intakes. If you found out that you were pregnant a day after you went on a downed cocktails and shots, there’s no need to worry. It happens to so many moms.


Raw Seafood

This is definitely a food to avoid.  If your taste buds are craving a spicy tuna roll or a dozen oysters on a half shell, you’ll want to curb that craving onto something that’s safe for your baby. Uncooked or even seared seafood is off-limits during pregnancy because the risk of ingesting parasites and bacteria is so high. This doesn’t mean you have to stay away from your favorite restaurants for nine months but it does mean you’ll have to order seafood that is well cooked.


Too Much Caffeine

While a couple cups of coffee are fine throughout your pregnancy, you’ll want to stay away from the routine triple-shot lattes you once had. If you are consuming more than 200 mg of caffeine per day, this could put you at risk for miscarriage. Caffeine interferes with your body’s ability to absorb iron (which could lead to anemia), and important to maintain throughout pregnancy.


Raw Underdone Meat

Even if you’ve been ordering your steaks medium- allowing for that pink center, you’ll definitely want to switch it up and order your meat well-done. Undercooked meat can harbor dangerous bacteria as E. coli, Trichinella and Salmonella (which can all cause food poisoning).  This is probably number one among food to avoid while pregnant.




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