Getting Your Child To Eat Their Veggies: Tips That Work

Getting Your Child To Eat Their Veggies: Tips That Work


We’ve all experienced a child that doesn’t like to eat their veggies. If your toddler’s least favorite thing to do is eating greens, show her the right way. One of the simplest ways to get your kids to eat their vegetables is to lead by example. Make sure vegetables are incorporated with all of your meals because your toddler is always watching you. If your little one doesn’t devour all the vegetables on her plate, don’t get frustrated. It could take up to ten exposures until she takes a nibble and up to 15 tries before she acquires a taste for it.

Until you have her eating veggies out of your hand, here are some tips that have been proven to work on picky, non-vegetable-eating toddlers.


Make Veggie Smoothies Or Popsicles.

If your child doesn’t love eating her vegetables, blending them into a delicious drink will hopefully win her over. Add carrots in a blender with whole-pressed apple juice and add ice. You can add yogurt to give it more flavor. Add this mixture into a ice-pop tray to make homemade popsicles.


As A Substitute.

If your little one loves spaghetti, instead of whole-wheat noodles, use spinach noodles or even get spaghetti squash. When you add their favorite tomato sauce they won’t notice the difference. Also, when making tacos, trade in taco meat for vegetable crumbles.


Bake Your Veggies.

Baking your veggies into batter is the next best thing. It’s also a great way to get veggies into your child. You can trade white-bean puree for part of the butter in cookie recipes, add spinach into brownies, add shredded carrots to muffins, and try mixing pumpkin into pancake batter. Baked goods will be a whole new healthy.


Puree Your Veggies.

You can add pureed vegetables to almost anything and I bet your child won’t even know. When making spaghetti, add all your ingredients to a food processor or Vitamix, and add carrots, squash, zucchini or even beets. When you add your vegetables to the other ingredients, (tomatoes, basil, mushrooms, onion, salt and pepper) you can’t tell besides it having more flavor. You can also add veggie purees to soups, lasagna, meatloaf or meatballs.

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