Tips To Teach Your Daughter About Makeup

Tips To Teach Your Daughter About Makeup


Unfortunately, your little girl can’t be your baby forever and after years of playing around in your makeup, lipsticks, and eyeliner, she’ll be ready for the real deal. Before letting your daughter head out of the house with a full face of makeup, consider these tips to ensure a more age-appropriate look, that will spare her the embarrassment of laying it on thick and looking like a clown.


 Your Face Means Most.

Give your daughter the run-down on how to properly clean her face and why it’s important to clean after wearing makeup. Have her choose a natural cleaner that won’t irritate her skin. Burt’s Bee’s is a great brand for young faces and is 98% natural. If your young gal urges to add concealer to her face, explain that concealer won’t be needed if her face is well taken care of.


Cake Is For Eating.

Explain to your girl what it means to wear too much makeup. Young hands can overly pack on the makeup, achieving an overdone or plastic look. Any young girl should steer away from pressed powders or foundation, which could give a caked-on look. A tinted moisturizer or a BB cream is all that should be needed.


Barely There.

For young girls, a touch of mascara is all they should need. Stick with Tarte mascara or Physicians Formula. Both are made from sustainable ingredients and shouldn’t irritate the eyes. When buying eyeshadow, have your gal go towards more natural hues which will enhance the color of her eyes. Try any Tarte shadows because their geared toward younger skin.


All About The Lips.

Young girls should steer away from any matte dark hued lipstick, and buy only tinted lipsticks or nude glosses. Origins makes a hydrating lip gloss that has a hint of color, but is designed to accent the natural lip.Burt’s Bee’s has chap sticks that smell good and lip tints that give your lips the perfect combination of color and shimmer.


Beauty Is Within.

No matter what, a girl should never feel like she “needs” to wear makeup. Makeup is designed to naturally enhance her natural features. Teach her the importance of loving herself and being comfortable in her own skin, not just comfortable when makeup is being worn. She needs to understand most importantly that beauty lies within.


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