Save Time & Money With Laundry Hacks

Save Time & Money With Laundry Hacks

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The first key to reducing the time and cost it takes to do laundry is to not launder clothes that don’t actually need to be washed yet. Here are some great guidelines from the website The Art Of Manliness: “You don’t have to wash everything you own after only one use. The less you wash your clothes, the longer they’ll last. …You can generally gauge whether something needs washing by how it feels and smells, here’s a breakdown of how often on average to wash what:    Undershirts/underwear/socks – 1 wear. So have plenty of pairs.

  •     T-shirts — 1 wear. They absorb a lot of oil and sweat.
  •     Jeans — every 4-6 wears. Yes, it is possible to go many months without washing your denim (a must if it’s selvedge denim), and if they don’t smell, go right ahead; they won’t accumulate any more bacteria after 300 wears than 15. You can spot-clean any stains you get (this goes for other clothing too).
  •     Khaki/cargo shorts and pants — every 2-4 wears. Khakis don’t hide dirt as well as jeans and absorb more bodily sweat and oil.
  •     Button-down shirts and sweaters — 1-3 wears. Very dependent on how tightly the garment fits to the body, the weather, and how long you wore it.
  •     Pajamas — 2-3 wears. Depending on how much you sweat at night.
  •     Towels — once a week (given daily use).
  •     Bed sheets — every two weeks.

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