The Evolution Of Mom Dancing Part 2

The Evolution Of Mom Dancing

In 2013, First Lady Michelle Obama appeared on Late Night Jimmy Fallon. Both Michelle Obama and Fallon danced in, “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.” The dance routine was choreographed so that it had a very sweet and humorous quality to it.

The purpose of Michelle Obama’s appearance on the show was in honor of her “Let’s Move!” campaign against childhood obesity. The initiative urges parents in the United States to get moving with their children. The video featured “dance moves” such as the “Go Shopping, Get Groceries,” “The Hip Bump,” and a classic, “The Sprinkler.” First Lady Obama is dressed in Soccer Mom attire, her hair is done and she’s wearing a cardigan. Jimmy Fallon is also dressed like a soccer mom with white tennis shoes, khaki pants, a long-haired wig and cardigan as well. The video went viral.

On Friday April 3, 2015 Michelle Obama returned to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon for The Evolution Mom Dancing, Part 2. According to The Hollywood Reporter she was celebrating the five-year anniversary of the Let’s Move! Initiative and the #GimmieFive Challenge. New moves were added to the dance routine including, “The Shush and Tush,” “The You Go, Girl,” and “The Barack Obama.”

As of April 6, 2015 The Evolution of Mom Dancing, Part 2 has received almost 4.5 million views on Youtube.



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