How To Prepare Your Oldest Child For The New Baby

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How To Prepare Your Oldest Child For The New Baby

The arrival of a new baby is very exciting, especially for the expectant mother. Along with the excitement, the newest arrival can bring many changes to a family. Parents spend a ton of time talking about the new baby, preparing the nursery and even buying items for the new baby. The changes that occur within a family when a new baby comes can be hard for any sibling to handle. It’s common for your child to experience jealous towards the newborn, which could cause them to react negatively towards the baby or even act out. If you prepare your child for the new baby in the beginning of your pregnancy, it can make this transition attainable.


The maturity level of your oldest child should be considered first, before the preparation of an impending sibling. For example, a preschooler may not quite understand the concept of a new sibling, nor do they grasp the concept of time, so telling them that the baby will arrive when it’s “hot out” or “summertime,” is the best way to reach them. If your child is a little older, then you can show them more and explain it to them better. If your child is older than 3, you can explain in better detail; buying books about siblings and childbirth, you could visit friends with children, have your child help pack the hospital bag, include them when choosing a name (even if you don’t use it), have them go to the doctor with you and they can hear the new baby’s heartbeat.


When planning for the trip to the hospital, make the necessary arrangements for your older children, so they are taken care of. Discuss this with your child (if they are age appropriate) so they know what to expect when the day arrives. After you give birth, make it a priority to have “family time” in the hospital with your newborn and your oldest child.


The time is here when you bring your newest addition home. You can help your other children adjust by making sure to include them in your daily activities with the baby. Many children love helping with the baby or even entertaining the baby during diaper changes. If your child isn’t interested, don’t be alarmed because this can take time.

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