Infants Benefit From Eating Peanuts Early In Life

peanut allergies

Wow! For years we have been told how bad it is to give a baby or small toddler peanuts or even peanut butter. Now a major study suggests that is exactly the wrong thing to do. Getting infants the exposure to peanuts before the age of one, actually helps to prevent our little ones from obtaining a peanut allergy, lowering the risk by as much as 81%, doctors have found. Instead of provoking that allergy, give your child some peanuts to help them build a tolerance.

Many parents, new moms and pregnant woman, can now stop worrying so much about their infant or small toddler when it comes to peanut butter. We have been told by many doctors to restrict any sort of lick of peanut butter until the age of one but now doctors are changing their mind. As parents, we all know the dangers of peanut butter if someone is allergic. Even the tiniest trace of peanut butter can send a child who is allergic into aliphatic shock. Peanut allergies are the most common type of food allergy and as parents, we have met at least one person that had an allergic reaction to peanuts. The reactions that some can have can be fatal and it could be a parent’s nightmare if their child got a hold of a peanut or even ate something by accident. Now, research has shown that even just a tiny bit of peanut protein early in life, could reduce their risk of developing an allergy towards peanuts in the future.

Pregnant moms and new parents can all breathe easy if you or your child is allergic to peanut butter and you are worried for you tiny baby. Please note that the study claims- giving children from as early as four months to eleven months tiny amounts of peanut protein, will dramatically reduce the chance of becoming allergic to peanuts later in life.

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