Foods to Avoid While Pregnant

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Being pregnant is a joyous and fun time in life. It means that soon a new life will be brought into this world. One of the things that can be difficult for pregnant women is to learn all of the dos and don’ts of being pregnant. There are many things to consider about what foods to avoid while pregnant.

The foods that a pregnant woman eats will affect their child and could possibly affect them for a lifetime. There can actually be dangers present in the foods that are eaten. A healthy menu for a pregnant woman includes foods that are lightly processed. The best foods to eat include whole grains, low-fat dairy, legumes, vegetables, and fruit.

There are some definite foods that a pregnant woman will want to avoid. Eating these foods could be harmful to the baby.

Foods for a Pregnant Woman to Avoid

Under-cooked or Raw Animal Proteins

The reason that it is so dangerous to eat raw or undercooked animal proteins is that there can be many different bacteria, parasites, or viruses present. These can potentially be present in rare meat, clams, raw oysters, unpasteurized eggs, sushi, or any raw egg products (cookie dough, brownie/cake batter). It is important to follow baking instructions for all animal proteins and to even check meats with a thermometer.

Unpasteurized Dairy, Lunch Meats, or Hot Dogs

These foods are actually known to contain a bacterial strain that can cause miscarriages. The strain is called listeria monocytogenes and it causes listeriosis which can cause a number of problems. In addition to causing miscarriages it can result in stillbirth, or a number of other serious problems. In addition to these products there are some additional products that could contain this bacteria. These include any smoked fish or seafood, any pates or meat spreads, and other processed meats or seafood.

Some Fish and Seafood

Large fish like shark, king mackerel, swordfish, and tilefish can have much higher levels of mercury than other fish. Mercury is also often found in most seafood. Mercury can cause a number issues for the child with their brain and central nervous system development. While most fish that is caught in fresh water might seem safe, it is more likely to have high levels of industrial pollutants.

Raw Vegetable Sprouts

There are some raw vegetables that might not be safe for pregnant women because of bacteria that can get into the seed and be impossible to wash out. These vegetables include alfalfa, bean sprouts, clover and radishes.

Learning what not to eat is important to have a healthy pregnancy and healthy child. Being able to determine what to eat can be simple and does not need to be difficult.

Author: Amanda Walton

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