Family Ideas for Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is a weekly initiative to encourage everyone to be able to live healthier and make better choices. This is a great way to be able to encourage the whole family to take better care of themselves and get into better shape. There are many great things that families can do together for Wellness Wednesdays.

Take a Walk

A family walk is not only great for the heart but it can also be great for the mind. Walking is known to help boost one’s mood. Plus it can give families a chance to slow down a bit, avoid external distractions, and focus on one another.

Play an Active Game

In cold months or times when walking might not work out there is always the option to play an active game together. The game can be something that has been developed or can be something that is made up by one’s own family. There are so many great ways that this can be a creative and fun process and a great way for families to do something together.

Make an Active Jar

An active jar is a great way for families to celebrate wellness Wednesday together. To make the jar one could get as creative as they wanted. The idea is to fill the jar with 52 slips of paper with different physical activities that one can do with their family. The whole family can even get involved decorating the jar and filling it with activities. Then each Wednesday morning one slip of paper is drawn and that is the activity that the family participates in that day/night.

Make a Healthy Food Jar

The healthy food jar is similar to the active jar. There are a few different rules for this one. Each person gets to pick fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods that they want to try. Then all of these get placed in the jar. Each week one gets drawn and everyone has to try it. This is a great way to introduce new foods that one might love.

Have It Be an Electronic Free Day

Another great family idea for wellness Wednesdays is to have Wednesday be electronic free. This means no computers, no tablets, and no TV all day long. Encourage activities that will keep the family healthy and participate in these to shape up as a family.

Choosing a great way to be able to get healthy as a family is very important. Wellness Wednesdays are a great way to encourage new healthy habits and to even discover new healthy foods as a family.

Author: Amanda Walton

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