Ridiculously Adorable Photos of Pets and Babies

Whether you’re due any day or have been up all night nursing a newborn, you’ll appreciate these precious pics of baby and pet besties.

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but who is baby’s? Answer that. 

Not sure Mom’s going to be too happy you’re sharing the breast milk. 

I promise to protect you—and eat whatever you throw on the floor.

You are just way more fun than the big ones. 

This is fine, but I am not dressing up like a princess. Capiche?


It’ll be so fun if we jump on her at the same time when she opens the door. 

I’m not sure that’s exactly what Nietzsche meant.  

I get that you’re teething, but I am, too. 

Look—tummy time is hard work. At least you’re not wearing floral. 

I’d say that we’re each really cute in our own way. 

Quick—no one’s looking. Go!!

Crisp—with notes of citrus and oak.  

I think we both know where this is going.