5 Super-Easy DIY Halloween Baby Costumes (Make One Tonight!)

As a new mom you have a lot on your mind. So finding your baby’s Halloween costume might not have made it on your to-do list this year. But before you spend way too much to order one online — consider making one of these really adorable — and really easy! — costumes.

Blogger: The MacsWhat you’ll need: brown onesie, white fabric or felt cut into strips and fabric glueHow to do it: While this blogger did use embroidery thread to attach the white strips, you could skip it and just glue them on with fabric glue and to save time. (He’ll only wear it one night!) If your babe has an older brother (or sister!) — dress him or her up in a football player or cheerleader costume, and you’ve got a sibling costume photo op!

Blogger: Make It, Love ItWhat you’ll need: a white onesie, a white baby cap, 4 bottle nipples, fabric glue, 5 pieces of black felt and 2 pieces of pink felt.How to do it: Forget sewing (who has time for that between pumping, working and trying to squeeze in some sleep), this costume is all about fabric glue. Cut out a dozen or so ‘spots’ in various sizes and glue to the white onesie and cap. Then cut out an oval and two ear shapes from the pink felt and glue to the tummy and the head. Lastly, glue some of those old bottle nipples you have to make the utters. The biggest challenge will be keeping Baby from pulling them off.

Blogger: Eliza DomesticaWhat you’ll need: white onesie, black pants, one piece of red fabric, one sheet of yellow glitter foam, one yard of white ruffle ribbon, fabric glue, double-sided tape, a pirate hat from the kid’s section and a pair of worn brown shoes.How to do it: Ahoy matey, it’s a pirate baby! The best part of this costume is that it takes no crafting skills to pull off. Start by cutting the white ruffle ribbon into several strips and then use the fabric glue to attach them to the onesie. Then cut out two small square outlines and use the double-sided tape to attach them to the brown shoes. Cut out a long piece of red fabric for the sash. To finish the look, just cut the ends of the onesie and pants in a zig-zags shape to make it look pirate official. As for the hat? Just buy it in the kid’s section to save yourself time (and hassle).

Blogger: A Lovely MorningWhat you’ll need: long-sleeved white onesie, yellow tights, yellow shoes, white pilot cap, red fabric or felt, loose white feathers and a glue gun.How to do it: Your chick-a-dee will not only stay warm – but you’ll have all the hens on the block impressed. Best of all though? This will take you no time at all – lay down the white onesie and glue on the white feathers all over with the glue gun. Then cut out a piece of red felt for the top and attach with the glue gun – and you’re done!

Blogger: Oliver Says HelloWhat you’ll need: long-sleeved white onesie, baby vest, pair of baby khakis, shoes, a baby hat, two fake mustaches and white plastic pipes.How to do it: Got a walker? Make him his own walker and dress him up as his grandpa this Halloween. Just dress up your babe in his best special occasion outfit, put on one of the fake mustaches and cut the other in half to make the eyebrows. Then, just piece together white plastic pipes (found at any hardware store) to make the ‘fake walker’ for your little old guy.