Day: September 20, 2014


7 Healthy Pumpkin Recipes to Try This Fall

If you liked pumpkins before pregnancy, you’ll love ’em now: the plant is loaded with vitamin A, which helps your baby develop healthy organs. Read on for recipes that help you make the most of the nutritious fall favorite. Who says comfort food needs to be unhealthy? Get the recipe: Pumpkin Polenta Don’t forget the seeds: […]

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Apple-Cinnamon Cream Cheese Danish

You all know I’m just as obsessed with the pumpkin spice craze as the next person (maybe even more-so, and my obsession started long before it was trendy!) but I think with all of that hype, another fall flavor combo often gets overlooked:  Apple-Cinnamon!  If you’re a fan of fresh pastry, but too scared to […]

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