Bacon is Back!

We’ve had hoards of emails inquiring when we were getting our Limited Edition Bacon Olive Oil in Stock, and it’s here!  This time in two sizes.

Now, you might be thinking this is some sort of novelty gag gift, like bacon chapstick (ew) or bacon suckers, or bacon whatever else you can think of.  Think again.  This stuff is amazing.  It’s culinary genius (if we don’t say so ourselves.)

And we’re not talking about bacon flavor #472 that comes in a syringe in a chem lab.  This is genuine 100% Cold-Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil with smokey goodness from 100% real bacon.

Two of our favorite things, married together in perfect harmony.  I told you, genius.

The number one question we get when we tell people about our bacon olive oil is, “How do you use it?”  Like all of our other flavors, you use this just as you would any regular olive oil, but here are some of our favorites:

– Scrambled Eggs.  Gives them that yummy bacon flavor, without bacon!- Saute Veggies for your omelet- Oven roasted vegetables.  Just toss veggies in Bacon oil, season with salt and pepper and roast until perfection in the oven.- Drizzle it on steak and ribs and then season and grill your meat.  Give it an extra drizzle at the end.- Use it to cook chicken and fish- Add a tablespoon or so to hamburgers and meatballs before shaping- Make a quick salad dressing by whisking in a little vinegar and toss it over spinach, red onions, feta, apples and chicken- Use it to cook hashbrowns.- Saute your veggies for soup, or drizzle on top- Make oven roasted potatoes by tossing baby potatoes in Bacon Olive Oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper.-Drizzle a little on top of your favorite sandwich- Brush it on pizza crust before cooking

Grab it while it’s hot- we never know how long this will last, but it WILL sell out again!  This comes in a small 147ml bottle (the same size as found in our Variety Packs) or in a standard 250ml bottle (same size as our standard flavors). **Make sure to use the drop down arrow to select the size you’d like.

Also, our shop will be closing for about 10 days starting this weekend, so if you have any orders you’d like to get in, please hurry and shoot them our way so we can make sure they get to you!