Questions of eternal significance: Do you have a black-and-white chevron pillow from IKEA?

This may be the most random question I’ve ever asked in a blog post, but I need to know . . .

Do you have these chevron black-and-white pillows in your home?

I just feel like they’ve become a Thing. Maybe it’s because I have them. Maybe it’s just the old “when you’re shopping for a Volvo, all you see is Volvos” phenomenon. But I swear, I see this pillows all over instagram.

Admittedly. I’m a fan. I have them in our living room, and also in Jafta’s room.

And then when we re-did our own bedroom and I felt like the bed needed a geometric pop, I was right back at IKEA dropping another $10. So cheap! So vibrant!

And then I started noticing the pillow popping up all over instagram.

Then I watched that American blogger movie and I swear it made an appearance at half the houses.


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Or not. Maybe I’m just following a relatively homogenous group of people who like IKEA and chevron. That’s a distinct possibility, too.

But I need to know. Do you have this pillow?? If you do, will you post it to instagram with the hashtag #blackandwhiteIKEApillow?  Cheap pillow fans, unite!