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The Real Threat of Teenagers And Sexting

The Real Threat of “Sexting” Sexting is defined as a sexually explicit message usually sent as a text message from one person to another. As long as a sext takes place between two mature and consenting adults, there is nothing wrong with sending such a message, although it’s usually not recommended. As we’ve all learned […]

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Cutting Self-Harm Out Of Child’s Habits

Cutting Self-Injury Out Of Child’s Habits You may have heard of it, seen it or experienced it – cutting and self-harm. While it may be one’s method for coping it is also probably a horror story to parents who do their best to be attentive and loving towards their children. The New York Times Parenting […]

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Teaching Teen Driving: A 7 Part Game Plan

If you’re a parent, you may have seen your teen’s video game driving skills and realized there’s some work to be done in getting them ready to drive the family car. Teen Driving: Go Over Driving Basics. There’s a lot to cover before they turn the key for the first time. Make sure they know […]

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Are You And Your Teen Prepared For Prom?

Are You And Your Teen Prepared For Prom? 9 Questions To Ask First Do you need to set a prom budget? “Teenagers can get carried away when getting ready for the prom. Buying tuxedos, dresses, tickets, renting limousines and choosing a restaurant, all can be extremely expensive. “ Does your child need help selecting a […]

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