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Mother’s Personality & How It Affects Breastfeeding

The fact that some women can breastfeed and others can’t, is a topic on the tongues of most new mothers. The proclivity to breastfeed and wanting to continue to breastfeed is found to have a lot to do with a mother’s personality. Before delivering, a new mother may need to acquire additional help to confidently […]

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Baby Formula Health Facts

Baby Formula Health Facts The gold standard of nutrition for your child is breastfeeding. Through breastfeeding, you’re offering your child active enzymes, hormones and other important compounds. Many feel that there’s nothing better than giving their newborn baby a piece of them, something that is beneficial to both their health and development in the years […]

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Breastfeeding Celebrity Moms

Breastfeeding Celebrity Moms   There have been more than a few images floating around of celebrity mom’s “multitasking” as they get their hair and make-up done and simultaneously breastfeeding. An article on ABC News about Gisele Bundchen instagramming a picture of herself getting her hair, make-up and nails done while she was breastfeeding was attacked […]

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