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The Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Summer Outside

The Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Summer Outside The thought of warm weather gets most of us excited for summer outside, especially those who live in climates where there are four distinct seasons. Particularly speaking, the people of the Midwest endure cold weather most of the year, so the thought of summer has many people happy […]

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Family Fun for Cinco de Mayo!

Family Fun for Cinco de Mayo! Make a Piñata  The process will may take more than one day but it is a lot of fun! Start with a big balloon, cover it in newspaper strips and use a water and flour paste to make sure the newspaper strips stick to it. Leave balloon to dry […]

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Get Clicking With 5 Interactive Sites For Your Kids

The Internet doesn’t have to be a scary thing. It can also help give an educational boost for our children. Unfortunately, not every site is as child friendly as you think. If you want something fun and educational, check out these five interactive websites for kids.   1. Disney Jr.  If your child likes Mickey […]

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